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Here are some extracts from the many letters we receive from our residents and their families. If you’d like to see the full, original letters please come to see us and inspect the files.
Many thanks for all the quality and quantity of care you have given Dad over the last months. We’ve all been happy at leaving him in your care and known that he’s been happy too!

We have a lot of good memories to reflect on. Thanks to each and every one of you.

Raymond and Sheila, Melling
A very massive thankyou for all the care support and love you have shown Mum & Dad since August…

Dad has fantastic memories … you are, Anne, a fantastic carer and he is fortunate.

To adapt Fr John’s words: you do extraordinary things in an extraordinary way!
We simply cannot thank you enough for your wonderful care for my Mother. … We cannot speak highly enough of your whole team, they all have their special qualities…

When we saw in your brochure that you regarded your job as having ten Grandmas, we laughed, but now we know that it is not a joke, it is the reality of Keer Sands.

Richard, Liz and family, Burton in Kendal
We cannot find enough words to express to you the gratitude our family wish to extend to you…

The loving care you have given her has meant so much to our family. … The care and consideration you have been able to give has been beyond that we could ever have asked for.

Dorothy, Lena, Angela, Julie, Vic and James, Crag Bank Road
A very big ‘Thankyou!’ for all the care and love you have given Mum.

It has given us both a great peace of mind.

Janice and Karen
I am certain that if we had searched the whole of England we would not have found such a wonderful care home for our parents. I always counted it a great pleasure to visit Dad and enjoy for myself the wonderful, friendly, kind and relaxed atmosphere that you have created at Keer Sands.

I am so grateful for all the loving support you gave to both Dad and Mum…. I can’t imagine anywhere else could measure up to, anywhere near, such fantastic care, patience and understanding you and your staff provided.

Piston Rings

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You do Extraordinary Things in an Extraordinary Way

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Friendly, Kind and Relaxed

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